Life is complex journey to experience if the reality of your wants are not met. However, I still think the choice of who you should spend your life with must not be a hasty decision. However, I am someone who goes for “Feelings” rather than “Social”, “Looks” Status. Ok, maybe Looks is one of the criteria but definitely it is not the real reason why I always reject people.

It is the chemistry to “click”.

To love and be love is not a choice for me. It has to be a natural and mutual feeling between the two parties that feels that they are meant for each other. Therefore, I am quite stubborn in my decision to love. Yes, if I feel that I can’t “click”, I won’t love. Maybe this is the killer to every relationship / people that potential to me. I won’t choose because I need. I choose because I must felt sincerity and chemistry from that person.

But people says, “You must give chances right? I felt you are not giving yourself any chance. You must let yourself to be love.”

Seriously I will feel sadder if the one I will spend my life with, is not a genuine love from me.

My parents wished that I am able to find someone to spend my life with.

But I felt that I might be single as like forever because I felt I am better to be alone than to be in a relationship where there is so many uncertainty.

Maybe I do not know love. I only know fairy tales.

Maybe Love is a choice to begin with and then to stay committed rather than it is a feeling that attracts people together. At the end of the day, many people just feel committed to relationship but not love.

Ok, it gets more confusing the more I type.

TGIF everyone!





真后悔没有提早跟她们一伙买票…要不是其中一位妹妹的朋友因有事不能参加, 我看我和 “Just Rock it” 演唱会是无缘了. 看来,我是没有办法以后不买他们的票了.

时间真是一把锋利的刀,不知不觉他们也出道了17年!从早期的青涩到现在成熟的音乐呈现模式. 虽然是有很大的改变,但努力做音乐的信念一直没有改变. 求新求变,突破团队的音乐风格让更多人欣赏他们.

真的…他们的演唱会票越来越难买了. 不知道是好事还是坏事…hahaha..

通过他们的歌曲,我觉得大多数的人都会有一定的共鸣. 不管是酸甜苦辣还是淡而乏味的人生, 都能找到属于我们不同阶段的歌.

这张专辑《好9不见》是时隔5年再次出发的. 音乐上的风格给人很焕然一新的体验. 尤其是那首《伤心的人别听慢歌》 还有《派对动物》都是和以往不同的曲风, 很动感.


Dancing Dancing 





“当你爱上了年龄在爱情里不是问题,问题是时间. ”

很多时候,当我们遇到对的人,但是他们却出现在不对的时间. 可能是已经有了女朋友,家室等等…

其实我蛮羡慕他们的另外一伴, 是怎么能让我的 “对的人” 爱上她们,而且可以前进到人生的很多个阶段呢? 因为我很向往有个这么一个属于我的“对的人” 跟我一起旅游,一起生活,一起到老. 但是很可惜,直到现在,只能说我和“有缘人,没有份” .




在大学的时候,当你想交男朋友的时候, 自己总是说“没时间,可能工作后会有个好的交往对象.”

在工作的时候,渐渐的,我们发现身边能谈得来,交往的人不多了. 然后就是每个人为你着急,担心.

原本人生可以是自己过,却因为身边的人对你婚姻大事的关心,让自己突然变得很不自在. 说真的,自信心有点低. 而且自己认识能交往的人越来越少. 渐渐的,自己变得憔悴.





Asian Civilization Museum Part 1 – Tang Shipwreck 

Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) is undergoing renovations and face lifts to showcase more interesting artifacts from Asian Region. The last visit was exhibition on Buddhism in Asia which I think it might be mentioned somewhere in my blog post or Facebook. The new ACM has some extension of the building which more galleries are add on to it. Therefore, there is much anticipation towards the new look.

My trip there was Free as they offered Free Entry from 6th to 10th July 2016! No wonder it was so crowded partly because they want to attract more visitors to take a look at “Christianity in Asia” exhibition. I shall update that in the next blog post as there are too many to review about.

Tang Dynasty, a Dynasty from the Middle Kingdom of nearly 1400 years ago enjoyed a period of prosperity in terms of ideologies and art. It was also the same dynasty that produced Cheng Ho, the admiral who sailed almost half of the globe to spread the power of its rulers and the only female Emperor in history of China. Expedition and trade was much encouraged. However, I don’t read much about history of Tang.

The “Tang Shipwreck” was the new permanent Khoo Teck Puat gallery in ACM which shows the flourish of trade between China and the Asian countries. Furthest they could trace back was to the Arabic Countries which Chinese Ceremics were highly sought after. The ship which was sunk in 830AD had one of the most comprehensive collections that I have seen that are mostly real stuffs.

  Ceramics bowls turn into the shape of waves that holds the Chinese Junk. 

                         Ceramics bowls are laid nicely in earth Jar when discovered by excavation team

 Shape of small ornaments was so highly skilled crafted. Imagine there was no machines! 
  Ingots was as big as my pencil case. These Ingots have long decayed due to staying underwater for a thousand years. At least the shape are still there. Now it has proven that these money exists! I always thought they have imagined out the shape! 

  Games like dices and small stones were played to kill boredom on the ship. Chinese cannot leave gambling alone!
Everyday Utensils… The fish is the grate stuffs on top of it. So special! 

Lavish lifestyle of the Tang Dynasty was also shown here. This gold octagon cup has one of the most elaborate encravings on them. Seriously, I would have wondered if they were real from the past!
The cup was decorated with dancing men with precise dance steps. 

Golden Plate

My favourite piece of this exhibition will be this golden bowl with 2 flying phoenix which symbolizes harmony and good marriage.

China Ceramics were popular among the middle eastern countries which more Arabic designs were shown on the artifacts.   Green Cups…

  I still prefer my bowl white
With Iranian Designs on them. 

Incense burner. A modern feel to it. 

I wonder if we humans have improved ourselves through centuries or just being stagnant because our ancestors seems to have better craft work and design than us. Digital Technology indeed has made the pace of life faster but it seems that we are losing out on the quality of it. But one that is not changing is faith.

Faith towards life and people made us resilient in whatever obstacles that was given to us. I do know that some people just gave up the will to live without doing anything to improve it. Yes, it is sad. I really want to see how we can help these people because no matter what their life should be given light.

Honolulu Cafe 

I hope that I am not too late catching up on reviewing Honolulu Cafe – a well established Cafe in Hong Kong but relatively new in Singapore. Though I have been to Hong Kong quite a number of times, I have NEVER been into Honolulu Cafe which was situated along Henessy Road, Wan Chai. Ok, I am very bad with directions for places in the Hong Kong Island because I feel tastier and cheaper food are found mainly around Mongkok area… Yes, bias again but maybe the next Hong Kong Trip will change my mindset about Wan Chai.

According to Online reviews, Honolulu Cafe was well sought after by Hong Kong Celebrities such as Chow Yen Fatt, Maggie Cheung and Chinese Movie “Crossing Henessy” was shot at their main branch. If you are lucky, you might see your favorite movie stars there!

And yes, they had their first branch in Singapore – at Centrepoint! Apparently, they got their pastry chef from Hong Kong to do their signature Egg Tarts! That old man is nearly 80 years old and still going strong!

I am not sure why it was named Honolulu but the name does entice people to try their food.

Sign board says “since 1949” 

My Ice milk Tea and Egg Tarts.

Frankly speaking, I do not drink Ice milk Tea but because of the extreme hot weather we have over the last weekend, I give in to the huge temptation. To my satisfaction, the milk tea was as smooth as the ones I had in Hong Kong! However, I would very much like to have the Hot one because it is much less sweet and you can get to add in your own amount of sugar.

Egg Tarts!!

These Egg Tarts are not the usual ones that you have in the bakery stalls nor they look like the Portuguese Egg tarts. These are real fluff and nice without too sweet in the milk custard. To think that my picky father ate 2 of these, they must be real good to begin with. I will come back for this!

To note:-

Customers are not allow to buy these egg tarts as takeaway through walk in . Each dine in customer is entitled to only 3 tarts per purchase. However, you can takeaway if you are unable to finish. They will provide you with the box but the folding of the box, pls self service!

Nissin Noodle. 

Seriously, I wouldn’t understand why people will pay $7 – $8 outside eating instant noodle and egg. But this dish as changed my perception totally! Only cost $5.5o, they served you cabbage, carrots and 2 eggs to go along with. Most places only provide 1 egg. The soup doesn’t taste instant at all and in fact it taste like brew soup.

Soy Braised Chicken Wings

This dish is nice however I will not reorder this because I felt that my mom makes better Chicken Wings.

I nearly wanted to ask the waitress where are all the utensils when my sister told me that they are all underneath the table. It was neatly arranged and I really think this is a better idea than leaving them out.

Almost all the table will have this French Toast. Enough Sin I know.. but this was very hard to resist. They coated the bread in nice egg mixture which doesn’t give too oily feel after eating. However, I think this dish can do without ordering if you come more than once.

My personal feedback is the food that Honolulu Cafe brings really create a whole level of heightening the level of Hong Kong Cafe. Although they dun have 6-7 pages of menu, they were quite determined to make their food last in our mind. I secretly hope they will not expand because usually the food level will drop.

But Be prepared to wait for 30 mins as there are many patrons.

I will return.

*P.S. My Sister chatted with the cashier lady and found out that they brought their oven from Hong Kong so that authenticity of their food can still be loved by the people here. It is like some food must have Wok Hei feels..


Returning Back?

Sometimes, I felt I was the unlucky one.

Whenever I start on anything- be it a new project, being given the toughest job or even taking examinations, credits / rewards will never be mine.

If I said I didn’t feel anything or I have let go of some of the past, that is probably making assurance to people around me, making them less worried. Yes.. there was once a very obnoxious looking fortune teller asked me how did I survive through these years and she even told me she would get depression if it was her.

She said, “你凡事每件事都要失败了才会成功!”

Don’t Worry, I will pick myself up.

I just felt tired even though I was cursing that person how unbelievable she is and most likely she is trying to sell me thousands of dollars of stuffs to make my luck change. But something in me keep ringing.


I refused to believe that but yes.. it is very tiring.

Recently, Mediacorp’s Channel 8 was broadcasting this show “十年,你还好吗?”

Question is, “If given a chance, will you return back to the past and restart your life?”

For me, I do not want to return back to the past because for me, looking forward to the future is far more important. In addition, if I am destined to fail before in whatever things I try, there is no chance I will succeed given the same criteria.


I think the trick to living a sane life is to live a low profile life. No wonder Z has been telling me all these while to stay focus and be observant. Even if people laugh, let them be. At the end of the day, you are only responsible to yourself and not other people. Time will show what is right or wrong.

Many recent incidents came to my mind that Z understands what I am going through even though he is always not there. Whenever I have a misconception, he will likely to clear my doubt by unassuming others. Even if I have not talked to him for ages, Z still remembers to catch up with me and owning me a meal.

If both of us have been less stubborn and more trusting before, could everything remains the same?

I think it is a working character compatibility issue here. Even if both of us have been more giving in, we cannot avoid the clashes at work. I think I am more at peace now than before mainly because conflict is avoided when we cannot be made used.


To each of its own.









Me Before You

A lot of plans changed on Friday due to unforeseen circumstances… either Friends got sick or they planned something in advance and they forgot about it. Well, I think it is alright at times and I get to enjoy more “Me” time with myself.


No happiness can be called happiness unless it comes from within. 

There isn’t much movies recently that attracts my attention and I am kind of bored watching superheros movies. Plus, it has been quite some time since I have last seen a romantic movie and seems that my heart could not be melted by all the love in the world. Hence, “Me Before You” was the choice.

“Me Before You” was a novel turned movie screenplay which started with Louise Clark, a small town girl with a few qualifications and felt over shined by her sister in many ways. I have never seen the book before but I have heard that the movie follows quite closely to the book. To understand more about the story line, you may read the narrative summary on Wikipedia. I could very much relate to her situation, she is just very us.

The feeling after watching this movie is not just romantic but perverse idea of leading own ways is strong. It is true.. No one can truly feel what you are going into your mind except yourself. The part where Will Traynor explained why he choose to end his life, shows that sub optimal decisions that can make others happy might not be what desired.

Yes, if you feel death is a sad ending, this movie is pretty  bitter however I felt that although they didn’t physically end up together, Louise Clark finally found the confidence in her and ventured in her new beginning life with Will’s Optimism and encouragement. He was never gone and will always be beside her where ever she goes.

The Belief of this Movie and Novel is to Live Boldly


*The OST of this movies is rather captivating… I shall find them and buy them from I tunes.* 

Live Boldly gives me the confidence as well. This movie is worth 4/5 stars.