Everyone around me agrees that we are experiencing more people behaving less polite or worst still barbarism. Be it in school or at home, we are taught manners from young till adulthood and it is such a shame that some people just didn’t get the learning in their head.

Recently there was a big incident happening between an old man and a couple arguing about seating at Toa Payoh Hawker Centre. As a result, the barbaric couple was arrested within 3 days, thanks to social outcry. What happens if no one uploaded the video of the bullying and the poor old man will have to suffer such injustice.

Just this afternoon, I was accompanying my mom into a mobile phone shop. As I walked out, a man in his fifties was pushing the wheelchair of an elderly lady towards me. I had no more space to move because there was another elderly man sitting just outside the shop. The man should have slow down his speed came crashing into my foot.

The old lady was apologetic but the man not even feeling a bit of remorse, continue to wheel the old lady away.

If he would have said “Excuse me”, I could have stayed away. Or even after the wheelchair came crashing onto me, he could have said, “sorry” instead of the old lady.

I think courtesy is dead seriously.  I do not think my incident is as serious as the old man at Toa Payoh but little things in life shows how societal changes affect upbringing of the next generation especially if this guy has children of his own. They will become more self- centered than ever.

Internet Love Scam

From the initial web blogging to the current social media lifestyle that the cosmopolitan world is living in, we are open to vulnerability of revealing personal information about us to strangers. Maybe to some people, it is a channel to be famous, know more connections and earn fast money. Many successful bloggers did but there are huge number of us did not.

What happens to the information you posted online ?

What happens if DPA does not save you from companies getting your information illegally ?  Or people creating fake accounts of you doing illegal stuffs behind your back?

What if you meet someone who wants to scam you because you are lonely with your partner or if you are single for the rest of your life?

Law cannot protect you 100% but you can do it yourself.

Recently, there was a guy whom I met through Facebook claimed that he was from Los Angeles and wanted to add me to know me as a friend.

Out of curiosity, I added him because he looked very attractive on Facebook and wondered how will someone like him will like to know me. I am not belittling my own looks but if someone claims to be oil and gas and a director of a company, you will also be tempted to know why.

So we started chatting and initially I had suspected his command of written English. There was a lot of spelling mistakes and the things he said does not make any sense. But I still played along with him to see what will the development evolve to. As usual, the commitment to message getting lower.

Then to my surprise, one day he decided that he will be posted to Canada for work and asked me if I could give him my full name and address. His reason was he need to send me some gifts. I thanked his gesture but refused to reveal anything further as I felt it was sneaky. He persisted to the extent of demanding.

Then I decided to do a quick analysis and this is what I analyzed.

  1. His Facebook account does not reveal any friends or any photo album even after he added me which was rather weird. All the photos on his account are all profile pictures and even so they looked like it was taken from different periods of that man’s life and posted up on the same date.
  2. He could not talk deep. When he says he loved reading, I asked him what book are he reading currently. I even did a test to tell him the book that I just finished recently, he was not even to be able to provide this information. I guess he must have either known that I was testing him or he simply do not know what I was saying, meaning his native language is not English to begin with.
  3. His notes to me were copy and paste from internet. I have always doubted that someone with his command of English, could suddenly write splendidly. Therefore, I did a search and Bingo! He did copy and paste. Which means, he might not even know the meaning to what he was sending.
  4. The man in the Facebook profile was using an Iphone 6 Plus at least. However, his number showed that he wasn’t using an Iphone at all! This means, this guy must have stolen the photos of this man and assumed his identity. This is madness. Imagine there are at least 1 Billion Facebook users in the world and you are not able to track whoever save the photos you posted!

Therefore after my analysis, I conclude that the guy that I am chatting with is a Fraud. I blocked him immediately from all means to prevent him from contacting me. Apparently, his profile was removed from Facebook as well. I hope the real owner of the photos reported him. Imagine the shock the man received, you wouldn’t want your profile to be stolen.

Luckily I was levelheaded enough not to believe such people and their honey words. What if I was not alert enough and provided all my personal details, I could have been having coffee with the police any time. I hope that social medias or even the internet community can have a stronger security platform to prevent users from falling into scams with the bad people.

However, I do feel it is the responsibility of internet users to screen off what can be posted online.  This post shall served as a personal experience for the public.


Artist and Empire – Part 2

Okay, This is a real long overdue post which I should have done it some time back.  However I was busy with work and other stuffs so this draft was kept in my closet for a few months. Well.. there are still several parts to it because this exhibition really showcased many different paintings that comes from the British Empire and her colonies.

Without further delays, let’s us look at some of the paintings in the Part 2 series.

  I didn’t managed to take down the details for this painting. If I don’t remember it wrongly, This painting was drawn in the early 1900s,probably somewhere in Africa or one of the middle eastern countries.  The  man and his horse must have traveled long way here. Personally, I like how the painter paints the sky depicting sunset – It might be a losing battle. 
 WW2 which happened in late 1930s was a historic piece of event that trembled the whole world. Almost each and every country was involved. In Europe, we have the Nazi Germany and Italy Fascism and Asia we have Japan who aim to be the most powerful country in the world.  Each of these countries causes great cruelty which till today, nations are still debating the right and wrong of the actions. This painting shows the surrender of Singapore between Japan Tomoyuki Yamashita and General Arthur Percival. Yamashita  was once a upon a time known as “The Tiger of Malaya” led a 70 day conquest of Malaya and Singapore in 1942  and won against the Great British Empire. Here he was sitting smugly and confidently, a stark difference from General Arthur Percival. I didn’t took any of the description  and the year of this painting. 
  People in the olden days, especially from the Renaissance period, starts self portrait painting. Portrait Painting of royalty and government officials most of the time illustrate powers and and public image. Grand Formal Painting of British Monarchs and officials were displayed at public places throughout the British Empire to emphasize imperial power and presence. There will be times whereby Europeans will be painting in local dresses to exhibit a cosmopolitan interest towards the natives.
This painting is a portrait of Captain Thomas Lee painted in 1594 done by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger. Thomas Lee served under Queen Elizabeth 1 and was highly active in Nine Years War. Sadly he was put to death for involvement in Treason with 2nd Earl of Essex.  This painting above is not foreign to many of us who learnt about him in our history textbook during my schooling days. He is none other than Sir Frank Swettenham, Governor of Singapore. The two paintings seemed to be similar but there is a slight difference from the two. The bigger piece was kept by National Museum of Singapore was more elaborate than the smaller painting. Not only that his dressing and the posture of his standing is too, distinctive. The smaller painting is a personal possession which Sir Frank Swettenham brought it back to England went he finished his duties here in Singapore. 
 This painting is called “The Jester (W Somerset Mougham)” done by Gerald Kelly in 1911. 
Somerset Mougaham was an established dramalist in the 1900s and this painting was painted for sale by Gerald Kelly who was his good friend. The style of this painting was more of an advertising tool for Kelly against the bohemianism of William Orpen and Augustus John.
Madhu Rao Narayan, the Martha Peshwa painted by James Walsh in 1792.
Narayan was Peshwa of the Maratha Empire since birth as the court official overthrew his father, Peshwa Narayanrao off the throne. However, Narayan committed suicide at the age of 21 by jumping off from Shaniwar Wada in Pune.
Protrait of Captain John Foote by Joshua Reynolds in 1761 – 1765.
Here Captain John Foote wore an Indian Punjabi costume shows the influence of imperialism in India in the 1700s. Foote who works for the East India Company at the period of time was Reynolds’ neighbor. East India Company was a private company engineered the discovery of new lands got their sphere of influence got too strong.
Localizing with the Indians.
Portrait of an Indian Prince wearing a Sehra Around 1920s – 1940.
I forgot to take the notes for this painting.

This is the end to the Part 2 series of Artist and the Empire. Although we can see that Empire has taken over new lands. The culture of locals has been much preserved through the artists impression. I don’t know if it was empathy or an idea to present a cohesive society of at a time. These paintings are sure gems to future generations.

Please wait for Part 3 of the series..

Gosh… there are so many photos far behind to load and to share. zzz